Temporary Relief from..

When sleeping on a flat bed, your body is tense. Our bodies are not flat, they’re curved. So when your body sleeps on a flat bed, it feels discomfort, because it can’t normally adjust to the bed.

These health benefits that adjustable beds provide are not myths. These are facts that many patients have reported.

Hiatus Hernia
A condition in which part of the stomach pushes up through the diaphragm muscle.
A disease of the lungs which occurs most often in smokers, but it also occurs in people who regularly breathe in irritants.
Heart Problems
There are many different heart conditions and problems which are collectively called heart disease. Heart disease and different conditions affect the heart’s ability to work efficiently.
A condition in which a person's airways become inflamed, narrow and swell and produce extra mucus, which makes it difficult to breathe.
A disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors.
And Many More
Ease swelling of the legs and ease back pain. Relieve soreness of the body and soothe neck and shoulder tension. Offset acid reflux and overnight heartburn. Provide relief from certain parts of the body such as the neck, spine and knees. Ideal for people who have just had surgery.

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Our Clients Say About Us

By chance in a group of people I over heard a lady explain her benefits of a new health bed.   When she was free I asked her about her find.  She explained how she had little sleep and how it was affecting her health and life style.  Until she found Liberty healthcare beds.
 I explained to her how I spend so much time at night fighting with my five pillows which refuse to support me in a sitting position so I could get some sleep due to reflux.   This lady very generously invited us to see her new bed.  What a find.
The very next week we contacted the owner, and within seven days we had delivery of two amazing beds.
 These beds with the help of an electronic remote, sits up the pillow part of the bed. at any position which is comfortable for someone with reflux,  and also raises the foot of the bed for someone who suffers with swollen ankles.
or just for comfort.
We tried two sets of mattresses. happily supplied by Gareth, until I was happy with the one which supported me.  Mine different from my husbands. .  Because the front of the bed is able to be raised I sleep so much better, often through the night. and a pillow fight is not necessary as only a very soft pillow is necessary.   These beds are of a very high quality.
We found the company Liberty, Mr Gareth Davies, so comforting and easy to explain my health situation to,  he knew what I needed and supplied that.  Always a delight to have in our home. he also removed our previous mattress.  What more could we ask for.
Thank you Gareth, we are so grateful to you and your company.
Katherine and Patrick Rohloff
a happier and healthier pair of retirees

Just a quick note to say Thank you on behalf of the families and staff of the Muscular Dystrophy Association for the service and support you have provided.
The Electric Adjustable beds have proven to be of outstanding value to children and adults with Muscular Dystrophy.
As you are no doubt aware, as the disease progresses, the individual has far less capability of moving and adjusting their position particularly when in bed. With the provision of Liberty Healthcare beds (particularly the home style HiLo), we are able to restore a little independence back into their lives.
I might add quickly a Thank you on behalf of the carers – they have the arduous task of providing high support care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The beds have been an enormous relief to the carers – once again the HiLo catering for 100% of carer differences.
I hope Liberty continues to grow and if there is anything I can do to assist you please let me know.
Once again THANK YOU.

Troy Smith | Director Support Services
Queensland Muscular Dystrophy Association, Australia

Just to let you know, I am very happy with my new “electrical” bed. It has improved my sleep, what I like about it too is the ability of re-adjustment when necessary during the night, it also is of a great help for my hips, which bothers me sometimes.

Mrs. C Milsen
Green Bay, Auckland NZ

I hereby am letting you know that I am quite satisfied about the moving bed, although it took a while to get used to it. It is very restful waking up in the morning and will certainly recommend it; my medical condition is Hiatus Hernia and Emphysema.

Mrs. M C Verburg
Green Bay, Auckland NZ

Just a note to tell you how much I am enjoying sleeping on my King Single 2 function bed with Massage attachment.
It really has made a difference to my sleeping posture and hence much less back pain!. Having it installed at my old address and then having it moved to the new place by “The Experts” was greatly appreciated. I also appreciated having the follow up phone call.
Thank you for your good service.

Miss Beryl Hughes
Green Bay, Auckland NZ

I have been absolutely delighted with my new electric adjustable bed from Liberty Healthcare. The controls are very easy to position the bed so a good night’s sleep is assured. I can recommend it.

Kay Ernest
Remuera, Auckland NZ

In Feb/March this year my 92 year old Mum, who suffers with heart failure and osteoporosis went into acute renal failure, she was terribly ill and all our attempts to make her comfortable enough to settle for sleep were in vain until she purchased a wonderful King Single bed from Liberty Healthcare.
With the ability to raise the head of the bed to assist her breathing and the foot of the bed to help with fluid drainage from her legs and lower body, she quickly became very much more comfortable and was able to sleep better.
This I believe was a major factor in her full recovery from her Kidney problems and her return to her previous reasonably good quality of life.
The service we received from Liberty Healthcare could not have been better, they delivered and set up the bed the day I rang and ordered it, they also gave us a free gift of mattress protector, linen set and Bathrobe. I requested extra linen and mattress protectors which were personally delivered next day.
We thank you all very much and recommend your beds and company to anyone who is thinking about buying a new bed, and to remember-you don’t need to be unwell to enjoy one of these beds!! And just want to relax

Jeanette Redwood
Howick/Manukau, Auckland NZ

About 2 and a half months ago, I was looking to buy a new adjustable bed, on the recommendation of David Perry a partner in Morton and Perry. I contacted Liberty Healthcare, and shortly thereafter received a prompt assessment as to what I needed in a customized adjustable bed.
Within a week I received the finished bed, that fitted my specifications and the after sales service was above and beyond what I expected. I bought a quality product that was value for money and Gareth’s guidance was first class.
I know I have a bed which will last me for years to come

Grant Trevarthen
North Shore, Auckland NZ

I have recently got an adjustable Liberty Bed from you. I had a car accident over 6 six years ago, and sustained an incomplete spinal cord fracture at four levels, the most affected being T8. Prior to getting this bed, I was struggling getting in and out of bed, and trying to comfortably sitting up in bed, and being supported.
When I first looked into getting an adjustable bed, that didn’t look like a “hospital bed”, I found an advertisement, in the paper, and on the internet. Once we made contact with Liberty Healthcare,
the service was at a very high level, and professional. I didn’t at any stage get the feeling that this product was being ‘pushed’ onto me to purchase, and the staff were very helpful, approachable and knowledge base that the staff had was outstanding and if they were not 100% sure on an answer, they went away, found out, then got back to me. I had a trial bed at home to assess if the adjustable bed was going to be any good and to ensure that the bed had requirements/modifications that were specific for me. Overall I would have no problem recommending Liberty Healthcare to anyone, based on the professional yet friendly service that I received. I am very pleased that I settled on a Liberty Healthcare Adjustable bed

J Trask

I have been a customer of Liberty Healthcare for some time now and their service is second to none. Gareth and his team are very professional in everything they do, product knowledge is superb and after sales service is fantastic, nothing is a problem for these guys. They really do what they say they are going to do. I highly recommend Liberty beds. Gareth and his team will go that extra mile for you and oh, there’s Jason. Gareth’s off sider, he considers himself the good looking one in the team. Hard case guys with a terrific product and service.

David Barker
Ranui, Waitakere City NZ